Apple Cake

We had great time in Zagreb, visiting our friends, lot’s of fun and delicious food. My friend Ana made us delicious apple cake. It was definitely one of the best cakes i’ve ever eaten. Today i was into making a cake and decided to make a healthier version of Ana’s cake. I swapped the white sugar, oil, white meal with healthier ingredients and you know what, it tasted really good.

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Colorful Smoothie

Colorful Smoothie

My favorite smoothie at the moment. It is absolute perfect for hot summer days when your appetite is in the basement. It’s refreshing and nutritious. I’m making it for breakfast or as a snack in between meals.

It is very easy to make, just put peaches, apricots and mango into a blender and there you go. If you want something extra, try adding banana to it – it’s very tasty combination!

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